The Bible verse that changed the course of my life:
ďWhat good is it for a man to gain the whole world,

yet forfeit his soul.Ē
(Mark 8:36)

Christian fine art drawing - experience the wonder of pencil in The Last Supper in Pencil, unique pencil drawing technique presents the Last Supper as a Renaissance painting.

ďHe came to pay the debt He didnít owe

because we owed a debt we couldnít pay.Ē


This version of The Last Supper in Pencil is a Christian fine art drawing that came into existence through what I consider pure inspiration. Many years ago, without any formal art training, I decided to create a drawing on a grander scale, something that would hopefully resemble the style and the look of a Renaissance painting or drawing. Half a year later, after many consecutive days of very hard work on my kitchen table, The Last Supper in Pencil was born. I remember standing back in awe, scanning over the details of this huge painting-like pencil drawing and thinking to myself, ďSurely, this art has not been created on my own.Ē

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Lord, Liar or Lunatic?


Some say He was just a good teacher, but good teachers don't claim to be God.


Some say He was merely a good example, but good examples don't mingle with prostitutes and sinners.


Some say He was a madman, but madmen don't speak the way He spoke.


Some say He was a crazed fanatic, but crazed fanatics don't draw children to themselves or attract men of intellect like Paul or Luke to be their followers.


Some say He was a religious phony, but phonies don't rise from the dead.


Some say He was only a phantom, but phantoms can't give their flesh and blood to
be crucified.


Some say He was only a myth, but myths don't set the calendar for history.


Jesus has been called the ideal man, an example of love, the highest model of religion, the foremost pattern of virtue, the greatest of all men, and the finest teacher who ever lived. All of those descriptions capture elements of His character, but they all fall short of the full truth. Apostle Thomas expressed it perfectly when he saw Jesus after the resurrection, and exclaimed, "My Lord and My God!" (John 20:28).


(Excerpt from The Miracle of Christmas by John F. MacArthur, Jr.)

The Last Supper in Pencil

Brampton, Ontario


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