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     When it comes to his art, Stevan Krajnjan likes to think that he is doing more than just putting his ideas down on paper.

     When this artist completes a work, he expects it to be an expression of his feelings, ones that he hopes can evoke emotions and convey a message for anyone who views it.

     In his unique style of pencil drawings, Krajnjan has managed to bring to life basic Christian themes of belief and hope in a black, white and gray format that carries with it all the lushness of an oil painting but with an added touch of drama that only the tones of a pencil can bring.

     Krajnjan is a relative newcomer to the local art scene having confined his output to his home and to the appreciative eyes of friends and relatives. Not being well known as an artist has helped his art as his introspective nature has allowed him to hone his craft and bring his work to the point of perfection.

     But the fact that Krajnjan now wants to get his work more widely displayed comes as no surprise because, quite frankly, it deserves to be seen.

     As far as Krajnjan sees it there is something lacking in a lot of the art

that is being produced these days in that it has become almost assembly line in fashion devoid of meaningful, classical beauty and greater significance.

     “A lot of modern art appears to lack meaning and common sense,” he says as he relaxes in his home. “It doesn’t inspire but tends to confuse and alienate people. Much of the art work created in the latter part of the twentieth century is often shallow and empty, bringing little of meaning, hope and purpose to life.”

     What Krajnjan is trying to achieve with his work then, is an almost traditional set of ideals for art, often using biblical themes.

     He says he wants to create works that have meaning, that inspire and make people feel good. Those who witness a work such as the “Last Supper” will not just glance at it and pass by but stop and have a real chance to spend some time with it.

     Krajnjan can actually back up his statements with his output as the drawings have an arresting quality that makes it virtually impossible to pass by and that owe as much to his technique as it does his themes.

     The artist explains that with pencil he is able to attain a more dramatic effect and can present a mood and atmosphere that is difficult to create using other forms of media. Work such as the “Last Supper” is proof positive of the power of the technique (and has proved to be so popular that Krajnjan is making it available as a print).

     Not that Krajnjan has restricted his work to pencil. He also created in sculpture, watercolours, ink, and even wood. 

     In the meantime Krajnjan continues to pursue his quest for meaning in art and be forewarned, when you see his work, expect to spend some time with it!

“… be forewarned, when you see his work, expect

to spend some time with it!”

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