“I love the print and would like to order a copy for my boyfriend's birthday. It is a beautiful piece that I know he will love!”
Shannon K. Kelly, Executive Assistant to Steve Sonsky, Executive Editor, TV Guide Magazine

“I wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed visiting your Web Site. I too am an Artist... and a Writer. I loved all of your work.. but in particular... the Last Supper. I am partial to Graphite Artwork. Your work is Superior and expresses a GODly reverence that I recognize. You have a wonderful Web Site and I will be recommending it to my friends.”  
Nancy, USA

“I'm a chaplain for a flight squad and I'm currently working on a web page. With your permission I would love to make a home for your drawing of The Last Supper” Michael Smith, California U.S.A

“Very good artwork... thanks for giving glory to our Creator... He alone is worthy of our praise”. Pastors/Evangelists Paul J. & Sharon Cunningham, Plainview Revival Center, Plainview. Texas USA

“Thank you for the beautiful website. Please e-mail me with info on the print”., Suzanne, Texas USA

“This is excellent. you are truly a gifted artist.” Dan Bridge, Azusa CA

Just wanted you to know that the kids loved your drawing”.  Norma, USA

“I came across your web page as I was searching the internet for images, songs, poetry and readings relating to the subject of the Last Supper. I would be very interested in receiving a print of your artwork. I would like to use your print during our Good Friday Journey to the Cross. I think your drawing is a wonderful depiction that will help our congregation enter into the various dynamics of the Last Supper.”
Marylin Chan, Program Manager, DMin Studies and Assistant to the Dean, Tyndale College & Seminary, Toronto, Canada

“I found your site because I was looking for an electronic representation of the Last Supper. I actually had in my mind the work done by Michelangelo, but as I typed in "Last Supper" into my search engine your site came up. I would like to use your image in a worship folder announcement if you would give your consent. I really like what I saw of your work.”  
Ken D. Harris, Pastor of Nazarene Church, Laurel, MT

I happen to come upon your website - your pencil drawing of The Last Supper - it took my breath away! It's absolutely wonderful. I will save your homepage and share it with other friends.... you’re very talented…” Ray, USA

First, I would like to congratulate you on being a winning entry in the CSW art show. Very well deserved! You've done an excellent job in putting together your website and I've truly enjoyed the time that I've spent here visiting you and looking at your incredible artwork. It's always a pleasure to see another artist's work, but particularly so when one finds a new standard for which to aim. Very well done indeed, keep up the great work and thank you so much for sharing this with us all”. Ann, CSW Cyber Art, Winners section, USA


“Dear Stevan, I received your drawing of the last supper today. God has truly blessed you with artistic talent. God bless you and thank you. for the beautiful print”.   Jeannie Baller, Martinez, California


“Excellent work. Very encouraging to many others. May God continues to bless you mightily. Keep up your great works”.    David Chong, Melbourne. Australia

“Love your art work. The "Earning a Living" one reminded me of when my husband comes home”. Dianne, LA

“I think you are a very talented artist. Your power to create beauty from pencil and paper is truly a wonderful gift. : )”   Landra South Dakota, USA

“Your site looks great. We are very happy that you are a member of Tennis Ambassadors. We look forward to a long relationship”. Rev. Bob Kraft, Tennis Ambassadors Christian Ministry, Hong Kong


“My heart and spirit are lifted up every time I visit your site. I thank God for all of the continuing creation He preforms through His people”  James H. Couch ll, Boise USA


“Stevan - your details and interpretations are fantastic. Keep up the good work. You have some important messages to tell”. Alex, Hamilton, Ontario Canada


“I bought a print of The Last Supper art -- currently being framed for the Sharing Center! I love it... it is terrific and such a witness tool! GREAT site, my dear cyberfriend in Jesus!”, Jim Adams, Pink Hill, NC


“Not only are you a gifted artist but you also are a true man of God. I praise and thank our Lord for your inspiration through your art and your firm stance on the true meaning of what Jesus want's us all to do with our lives. Brother, You are a cornerstone to me as I build a foundation of my spiritual walk with Jesus. The verse "What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul." is one of my favorite verses to”.
Michael D. Nash,  SeekChrist.com, La Cygne, Kansas

“Did you draw this? It is super!” Kris, Subotica, Yugoslavia

“Thank you for using your wonderful gift for the Lord. I ordered a print and plan to order many more for all my friends.”  Rhonda Woolsey Hanson, KY


“Love your site. The message is timeless, and the artwork is sensational”. Joan Voss, Chicago


“Spiritually moved by your art work and music”. Ce and Bren,  Birmingham UK


“What a gift and talent God has given to you!” Kathy Montana


“What a beautiful work of art YOU ARE, Stevan!”, Frances Anne Corpier,  Houston Texas


“Your art is such a gift. Thanks for putting it out for every one to see.”, Julie, Missouri


“I was really inspired by your painting. You are blessed with an enormous gift from God.” Avril, Piscataway, NJ


“Thank you. Everyone much appreciates your work and respects you and thank you for helping with my course work because I am using your piece as an example! God Bless your talent.” Sam, England


“I liked the site very much ... I am a student of fine arts & I would be highly obliged if you can provide me with the various information on this subject.”    Dipankar Ghosh, Calcutta, India


“God has blessed you with a tremendous gift, and it blesses my heart that you are willing to use it for His glory. Your artwork leaves me speechless. May God continue to bless you!” Neill Bryant, Laurel, MS


“The gift you have is remarkable! May your Higher Power continue to bless you and keep you in His love.”
Chrystal Dawn, U.S.A.


“Really enjoyed viewing your art. It is always good to see other Christian artists sharing their talent with the world. Keep up the good work!”   Andrea Allen, Greenwood, Mississippi

“Just awesome! What else can I say? Will return to visit often......Fondly”   Bobbie Spiegel, Austwell, TX


“Great page-very nice. Makes you think.” Stephen, So Cal, USA


“I’m still impressed with your work and what you stand for Steve. I too am a Christian! I’m in the Army@ky. I’m also very much interested in works of art.”, Art Zaragoza, TX via Ft. Campbell, KY


“I love the new look of your site, you've done a great job.” Mike Scott, What do Scriptures Say, Prescott, Arizona

“Magnificent and inspirational! While awaiting a possible heart transplant, I have begun studying the arts, and I am particularly impressed. I plan to link to your site if there is no objection. Thank you, and best wishes…”
Tom Steele, West Virginia, U.S.


“Nice site you got with lovely pictures.” Ingrid Kulneff, Sweden


“Your work is incredible! God has given you a tremendous talent, and it is such a blessing to see you using it to honor Him! I'm so happy I found your site! God bless!”    Kimberly, Piedmont Triad, NC


“Beautiful work. I am impressed with your technique. Very detailed”. Jerri Wisdom, Tousley, Wichita, Kansas


“Very unique site. Thanks for the memories. Keep up the good work. Godspeed.” John 3:16-17.,
Barb Jones, Berne, Indiana


“I also am a Christian and a artist and believe God gave us both a desire to create something meaningful for others to view. The talent, we have to work for, by doing.”    Jeannette K. Seger Hill, Indiana


“Really enjoyed looking at your art work. You have an incredible gift. May God Bless you as you share the love of Jesus through your art.”     Heather, somewhere in the USA


“Your web site has truly been a blessing to us. I am telling our friends.”    Eleanor and Harry, Miami, Florida


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